Sweet Baby’s 9 Month Check Up

This week Sweet Baby had his 9 month check up. It went pretty well, he is growing so quickly!! He weighs 18lbs 5.5 oz! Soon he will be graduating from the infant car seat (hopefully not too soon-we don’t have the money right now). Sweet Baby can’t sit up by himself yet and I was ready to be bullied about it. And I was. I was excited to share all the things he can do. He’s eating so well and how he can understand sign language and how he’s trying to communicate back. But it seemed like he’s doctor just wanted to talk about the stuff he can’t do. He’s a little slower in developing. It makes me hate those milestone emails I get. You baby should be doing this and this and this BUT if they’re not don’t worry because every baby develops at their own pace-BUT if your baby isn’t sitting by 9 months you should call the doctor. I think Sweet Baby just loves taking everything in-he watches so intently and you can see his mind working but he also has momma’s lazy gene. I didn’t walk until I was 15 months and that was because my parents made me do it.

At his appointment his doctor made me fill out a questionnaire and some of the questions are like a 9 month can do that? Examples: when you hold out your hand and ask for her toy, does your baby let go of it into your hand? When you dress your baby, does he push his arm through a sleeve once his arm is started in the hole of the sleeve? Really? When I nannied the two-year old didn’t always push her arm through a sleeve. I guess I’m a little frustrated with his doctor. His whole appointment was about what he doesn’t do. Even in the last few weeks I’ve seen so much improvement. His doctor referred us to a program called Early Intervention, where they will monitor him and see if he will need physical therapy. Which I look forward to because if there is something I can be doing to help Sweet Baby I will happily do it.

Anyways his appointment made me feel like the worse mother in the world. He’s home with me all day so it has to be my fault that he is not doing these things. But now its a new day and Sweet Boy is perfect and just taking his time. Who knows by the end of this month he may just be crawling all over the place. (Looks around apartment) Um . . .maybe I should really start baby proofing. 😉


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