Baby Shower Gift Ideas

I love going to baby showers. Who doesn’t? I also love purchasing gifts for baby showers. Browsing through all the tiny, adorable baby clothes is my favorite. After having Sweet Baby there were a couple of things I loved getting. These I didn’t get as a gift, I ended up purchasing myself. Of course I didn’t find out about them until Sweet Baby was 6 months old. They are monthly baby onesie stickers.
You apply the sticker to the onesie and take a picture each month and see your baby grow! The stickers peel right off and you can then stick them on the baby book for each month. I have a baby shower in a couple of weeks and I purchased a cute set for her little girl. Of course with everything I do wish there was a bigger selection for boys than the selection for girls. I purchased them from I’ve bought three sets, one for me and two others for friends and we all love them! Check them out, they’d make a cute baby shower gift or a congrats on the new baby gift! And pst! They are only $9!


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