Laundry Tip

Even though I love to clean-I find it therapeutic, I do not love doing laundry. If I could afford a service to do it for me I would. But I thought I’d pass along a little tad-bit of advice. When I’m cleaning my husbands clothes and he has button down shirts that always end up wrinkly in the dryer. And if I hate doing laundry I hate ironing even more! So I’d pull the wrinkly shirts out of the dryer and try to iron the wrinkles out of them. Annoyed, I stopped ironing his shirts. Then tired of my husband looking like he didn’t have a wife to iron his shirts a friend shared a brilliant tip. She’d put the shirts in the dryer for maybe 5 minutes then she would iron it while it’s still wet and damp. It works so well and I don’t mind doing it for my husband. Then I’d hang them up since sometimes they are still a tad bit damp. So from one house wife to another (or to a stay at home daddy) there is your laundry tip for the day!



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