Cleaning Calendar

I love to be organized. I love making schedules. I love making plans to make plans. I love to have things color coded. My closet is color coded, it just makes life easier. Before I had my Sweet Baby I had my life down to a pretty good routine. I’d spend Wednesday nights cleaning-I’d vacuum and clean our bathroom. I’d do the laundry on Thursdays and just pick up as best as I could as I went everywhere else. It wasn’t the best system but it worked at the time. Then throw a baby into the equation. Throw in feeding him every 3 hours. Our home was never clean. I did my best to keep up but between the emotional breakdowns, the extreme fatigue and just wanting to play with my Sweet Baby: nothing got done. I did my best to make laundry a priority because lets face it, we can’t walk around naked. The dishes piling high we could live with. Then we moved and as I began unpacking and making our new home our home I was determined to keep it clean. I knew my husband liked coming home to a clean home and him being so sweet never said what I’m sure he wanted to say, “What did you even do today?!” But thankfully he knew better than to ask that. I came across this cleaning calendar on Pinterest and I guess I didn’t pin it because I couldn’t find it. I’m sad I cannot give credit where credit is due. I apologize. But I read that her friend who had 3 boys always had a clean home because she followed this cleaning calendar. So I wrote it down on our white board-its color coded of course-and I started implementing it right away. I showed it to my husband he was happy to help out. We have been doing it for almost two months and man have noticed a difference. Before I would clean all week, then come the weekend, all hell would break loose and we’d be back at grown zero on Monday. I felt like I was always cleaning and nothing ever stayed clean! With this lovely schedule (Have I mentioned I love schedules!? I’m like Monica) our place feels clean all the time!! Even when the days get crazy I go one day not following the schedule-it doesn’t reflect in our home. I haven’t even been doing it completely to a T. Now I don’t mind have people drop by, because our place always feels clean!! Alright enough blubbering I will show you my secret recipe cleaning calendar:



Make Beds

Wipe Down Bathroom Counters

Empty Dishwasher


Load Dishwasher

Wipe down Kitchen Counter

Take out trash

Quick sweep or vacuum, especially in kitchen!

Spot clean floor or swiffer

Declutter living areas

Coffee set for morning

Chore of the day (Below)


Monday-Deep vacuum & laundry

Tuesday- Clean mirrors and windows

Wednesday -scrub toilets & tubs

Thursday- mop the floors

Friday -Swing day (below) & laundry

Saturday- Deep vacuum

Swing Day

1st – Wipe down all furniture and cabinets

2nd- Scrub oven, microwave and fridge

3rd- wipe down all walls, molding and doors

4th- spot clean upholstery and rugs

 With this calendar I feel less frazzled when trying to keep our home clean. It usually only takes me 30-40 minutes to clean, depending on how big your house is it may take longer. I have to do laundry 2x a week because I have so much of it, but customize it to your household and I promise you won’t be disappointed.


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