Giving Birth is Better than Getting Waxed

So about four weeks ago I received a coupon in the mail to get a bikini wax. Its been on my bucket list for a while now and my cousin always raves about not having to shave. So I finally scheduled my appointment (I went with my favorite spa since a coupon for getting a wax kinda made me nervous, why? I don’t know.) I was beyond nervous, despite the fact I had tried for a natural delivery, my pain tolerance sucks. My cousin assured me not to be nervous-they see it all the time. I smiled, “I’m not nervous about that-after giving birth everyone has seen it!” Before I had Sweet Baby that would’ve been an issue for me. But not anymore.  The lady who did it was extremely nice. Within two minutes of meeting her I was spread eagle. I felt awkward – shouldn’t she have to buy me dinner first? My husband had to marry me before he got in that area. Anyways, as I’m laying down I notice posted on the door, “they can hear you next door, please use your spa voice. It was like a scene from 40 Year Old Virgin when Steve Carrell got his chest waxed minus the cursing like sailor. I was just short of shouting, KELLY CLARKSON!  So, sorry to whoever was next door and trying to relax. Thankfully my birthing breathing techniques came in handy. As I left the spa, feeling anything but relaxed, sore, wondering if I’m going to bruise, I wondered. Why do women do these to ourselves? And I’d like to smack the person who thought of the idea of putting hot wax on our bodies and ripping our hair out! I’m scared to go for the touch up in a couple of weeks because I’m still sore. I’m probably going to bruise but I did love not having to shave this morning. As I was leaving I asked the lady, is waxing your legs less painful? She smiled, “It’s the same. Sorry.” Thank you for being honest and not telling me its a bed of roses. I just now read on a blog to take Advil a half an hour before you get waxed. Wish I would’ve read that yesterday. I also read to go the week before your period (which happened by chance) because your less sensitive-if that was less sensitive, that is not reassuring.  Anyways thought I’d share.


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