My Sweet Piranha

This past week was a little busy. My husband, A was out-of-town. It’s always hard when he is gone-a quick shout out to all those single parents. I don’t know how you do it. But your great!

My Sweet Baby, will be 9 months next week. I can’t believe he is growing so quickly. It’s actually kind of sad. He’s not my little baby anymore. He has always been an aggressive nurser. He’s like his poppa, he LOVES to eat. Since he was about 5 months old he had started the joy of ripping off mid suck. Ouch! I’ve tried several things to rid him of this horrible and painful habit. I learned-not quick enough, that when he rips off he is done eating and just being to play. So what used to take 10-15 minutes to nurse, only took 3-4 minutes to nures.Yet 4 months later and he’s still doing it but worse! Now he not only still rips of mid suck he has decided to make me his human teething ring. I call him my sweet piranha. At least he has no teeth-yet. I fear when he gets his first tooth and decides to bite that may be the end of nursing. I may start pumping and giving him bottles. The thought of that makes me sad. I love nursing him, it’s the only thing that only I can give him.

I have been signing to C for a while now, mostly the simple things like: milk, more, eat, drink. Sweet Baby has started clapping but it sometimes I can’t tell if he is signing more. I feel awful not being able to understand if he is trying to communicate with me. But I love that he understands when I sign to him. When I sign milk he usually always gets excited, he smiles then grunts. When I sign eat or more he opens his mouth and grunts. Its so much fun watching him grow like this. Before we know it he will be using his words to tell us what he wants. 


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